You give him the silent treatment

Harry: "Love, please talk to me!" You shook you head no and kept reading. "Please? Please? Pllleeaase?? PRETTY PLEASE WITH CANDY APPLES AND GUMMY BEARS AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE AND SUGAR ON TOP?" You laughed at his craziness and kissed him.
Liam: You hadn't talked to Liam all day, and he was starting to get upset. He came back home after an hour and handed you a giant 'I'm Sorry' teddy bear and pliers. "Liam, why do you have pliers?" You quickly covered your mouth because you talked and he said, "Oh, well I was gonna try plying you lips open, but your talking now, so I don't need to I guess..."
Louis: He noticed you weren't talking to him, so he grabbed a can a whipped cream. '[Y/N], if you don't talk, I'll spray this on you." Louis warned. You looked at him with a poker face. "Fine then, playing hard ball, I get it." Then, he sprayed the whipped cream all over you. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOML-" You started telling, but you were cut off by him kissing you. "Got you to talk babe." He said licking his lips.
Niall: He went over and grabbed his chips and started crunching and chewing very loudly. This was really starting to bother you, and you ended up cracking and talking to him. "NIALL!!! PLEASE STOP CHEWING SO LOUDLY!!" You shouted. He looked and you and smiled. "Haha, I got you to speak to me though..."
Zayn: You we sitting on the couch not speaking to Zayn, and you had been not talking for awhile. "[Y/N]..... Will you talk to me?" Zayn said sitting on your lap. You didn't answer, so he kissed you forehead. "How about now?" You still didn't answer, so he kept kissing everywhere on your face until you snapped. "Zayn! Quit it, that tickles!" You said while laughing.
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